2020 Village candidates

2020 Mamaroneck Village Democratic Candidates

We are excited to announce the three candidates endorsed by the Mamaroneck Village Democratic Party -- Dan Natchez - Trustee, Victor Tafur - Trustee, Kelly Wenstrup - Trustee, Dan Gallagher - Judge. We invite your spirited support for our slate.

Dan Natchez



Fiscal Responsibility and Oversight is a fundamental requirement for the management of taxpayers’ dollars particularly in these pandemic times.  Ensuring prudent expenditures, real fiscal planning, and strategic capital investment are vital in accomplishing the short and long-term goals of our community. This includes seeking grant-based financial support for our capital investment projects while still keeping our annual Budget below the State “cap”.

Full time Village Attorney will provide the Village with the quality, timely, legal and cost-effective support needed for our Village.

Sensible Village Development maintains the character of our Village, neighborhoods, and business districts while continuing to improve the quality of our community life. We must think ahead to how we want our Village to be decades into the future. We pledge to address residential and commercial development and redevelopment issues being sensitive to the effects on traffic, school capacities, and infrastructure.

Environmental Sustainability is a priority for our Village. We must work to preserve our green spaces and natural resources, and to improve water and air quality. We are in favor of a holistic approach to development, environmental protection, flooding, and water quality. We will be guided by the Village Comprehensive Plan as well as the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), both in final stages of being updated. We all should strive to be at the forefront of environmental sustainability in our community.

Community Involvement means listening to and representing all residents and encouraging them to take part in Village life. We support greater participation from our residents including the Volunteer Committees. We advocate transparency and representation in Village affairs and insist on civility and respect at all levels of Village government. We are proud of our community and will work tirelessly to obtain what is best for our residents.

Victor Tafur


Victor Tafur is an environmental law professor and practitioner who was first elected as Trustee of the Village of Mamaroneck in 2016 and reelected in 2018. Currently, Victor serves as Director of the United Nations Environmental Diplomacy Program at Pace University Elisabeth Haub Law School as well as Associate Executive Governor of the International Council of Environmental Law. Victor practices and consults on local sustainability matters as well as international environmental and human rights issues. 

Born and raised in Colombia, Victor was educated both in Colombia and in New York — he earned master’s and doctoral degrees in Environmental Law from Pace University. After 15 years in the United States, Victor became a US Citizen in 2014. Victor and his family have lived in the Orienta section of Mamaroneck for 16 years. He is the Trustee-liaison to the Fire Council and the Marine Education Center.

Victor's background and experience is well reflected in his work as Trustee striving to improve planning and preparedness, while maintaining our small-diverse-walkable/bikeable-coastal village character and the best harbor park and recreation opportunities in the area.

"Local governments are the most-pressed when it comes to responding to the Covid-19 crisis and climate events. The Village's sound policies and finances will help us recover and become more resilient. Our staff and first-responders have demonstrated the commitment and bravery during these tough times. But the residents' voluntarism, leadership and solidarity in so many fronts show the Village's real face and strength. Our local government will support those initiatives and tacke barriers for a more inclusive Mamaroneck in every way.”


Kelly Wenstrup



Kelly Wenstrup is serving as trustee and running to complete an unexpired term Kelly served Mamaroneck as a member of the Board of Traffic Commissioners and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Kelly graduated with a BS in political science from Northwestern University and holds a JD from Suffolk University Law School. Kelly worked as a clerk to the NH Superior Court and as a litigator and criminal defense attorney in MA and NY. She served as the parent representative to the Westchester Country Early Intervention Coordinating Council. A Village resident for over 14 years, as a trustee, Kelly serves as board liaison to the Traffic Commission, the Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee and as co-liaison to the Recreation Committee.

Kelly’s legal background and community volunteer experiences have helped her overcome the steep learning curve as a new trustee. She is looking forward to serving a full term in order to continue the good work that has been started.

"The village has never worked better than now. From our Harbor Island playing fields and recreational offerings to our renewed infrastructure and responsive government, Mamaroneck is serving residents’ needs. I’m proud of the changes we’ve made through hard work and attention to residents’ concerns. We’re addressing long-overlooked concerns and re-examining everything to find areas to save money. Making government work for everyone — in the most efficient way — is good, common sense. I’m proud of our village’s recent accomplishments and the long-term prospects for a vibrant Mamaroneck"


Dan Gallagher



Dan received his BA degree from Bucknell University and his JD degree from Fordham School of Law, where he served on the Fordham Law Review.   Dan and his wife, Gretta, are grateful to have been able to raise their two children in Mamaroneck, with both having graduated from Rye Neck High School.  Dan has been an active volunteer in the community, including his service on the Harbor and Coastal Zone Management Commission, as a member of the Executive Committee of the Rye Neck PTSA, as a judge for F.E. Bellows Science Expos and as an adviser and presenter to Mamaroneck High School government classes.  He is particularly proud of the many youth baseball, basketball and soccer teams he has organized and coached over the years.

Dan was first elected Village of Mamaroneck Justice in 2008. He has been an attorney for over 35 years.  Dan is also an active member of the Westchester County Magistrates Association, for which he served as President from 2016-2017.

“Serving as your elected Village Justice has been a great honor and privilege.  My responsibilities at the Court have offered me a continuing opportunity to make what I hope is a meaningful and long-lasting contribution to our community. During my years on the bench, I am proud to have facilitated improvement of visitors’ access to the Court as well as the modernization and improvement of court facilities, including the upgrading of our computer equipment, the refurbishing of the courtroom and replacement of the courtroom bench/dais. As your Judge, I will continue to bring integrity, experience, fairness and common sense to all matters that come before the Court.  I look forward to having an opportunity to serve our community into the future.”

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