All You Need to Know about the Democratic Candidates for Board of Trustees


There are three open seats on the five-member Board of Trustees. With two continuing Republican Trustees, Village of Mamaroneck voters can choose a Democratic majority on Tuesday, November 6.

Just one day remains until the election. We’re sending this one-stop summary of everything voters need to know about the Democratic candidates and their campaign.

Who are the candidates?

Andres Bermudez Hallstrom, Ilissa Miller, and Leon Potok have the real-world business and management experience to ensure that the Village operates with transparency, manages taxpayer dollars wisely, and preserves our special Village character.

BermudezHallstrom.jpgAndres Bermudez Hallstrom, a resident of Washingtonville, is an attorney with a practice in Mamaroneck. Andres has served as a volunteer member of the Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee since February 2012.

Watch highlights of Andres’ appearance on LMC-TV and Andres talking about his own biography and background.

Read Andres’ interview at Patch, profile at Sound & Town, and League of Women Voters Q&A.


Miller.jpgIlissa Miller, a resident of Rye Neck, has served as a volunteer on the Mamaroneck Avenue Task Force Committee for the Village for more than four years and the President of Harbor Lawn Estates Association for six years. Ilissa is CEO of iMiller PR and has worked in the telecommunications industry for sixteen years.

Watch highlights of Ilissa’s appearance on LMC-TV and Ilissa talking about her own biography and background.

Read Ilissa’s interview at Patch, profile at Sound & Town, and League of Women Voters Q&A.


Potok.jpgLeon Potok, a resident of Heathcote Hill, has served as chairman of the Village Budget Committee since 2008 and for the last two years served on the Mamaroneck School District Budget/Finance Committee. His financial advisory firm serves industrial labor unions in negotiations with employers seeking to modify wages and benefits for workers and retirees.

Watch highlights of Leon’s appearance on LMC-TV and Leon talking about his own biography and background.

Read Leon’s interview at Patch, profile at Sound & Town, and League of Women Voters Q&A.


What are our priorities for Mamaroneck?

Protect our Village Character

  • Maintain public access to our waterfront and other natural spaces
  • Insist on responsible development to preserve our quality of life
  • Protect Harbor Island Park from misguided and harmful projects

Plan for Long-term Financial Health

  • Implement budgets that respect taxpayers
  • Manage finances responsibly
  • Seek taxpayer relief by finding alternative revenue sources
  • Learn from the successes of neighboring communities to create more effective and efficient government

Safeguard the Village with Effective Flood Mitigation

  • Develop effective, enforceable building and zoning codes that are easy to understand
  • Help residents to access emergency funding and assistance quickly
  • Provide advice that helps Village residents make good, cost-effective decisions

Serve with Respect & Transparency

  • Share information with the public
  • Recognize the work of official volunteer committees and consider their recommendations seriously
  • Engage in open, respectful discussions with Village residents, employees, and elected representatives

What else has come up during the campaign?

Sound & Town Report Exposes Trustees’ Disregard for Official Budget Committee Recommendations
The Sound & Town Report had a great article about how recommendations from the Village Budget Committee — chaired by Leon Potok — have been ignored. Our opponents may praise the efforts of Mamaroneck’s volunteer committees, but the Mayor has repeatedly ignored recommendations from those committees and has not engaged volunteers with the respect they deserve.

Republicans’ Automated Parking Hoax
Our opponents have been promoting a plan for an automated parking lot off Mamaroneck Ave. They say their plan is based on a secret report from a committee that meets behind closed doors. But they obviously haven’t done the arithmetic, because the details just don’t add up to a plausible solution.

Village of Mamaroneck Republicans Caught Fabricating False Accusations on LMC-TV
The Mayor and GOP candidates told a real whopper during an appearance on LMC-TV, claiming that the Democratic candidates favored a 30% cut in the Village police department. Even though they were called out by the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee, they have continued to air the fabrication on LMC-TV and defending it in the press. The FCPC made crystal clear that their statements are “false” and “unfair.” This is not an honest misunderstanding, but part of a calculated campaign of misinformation.

Re-elect Judge Dan Gallagher


Judge Daniel J. Gallagher is a seasoned attorney with over 25 years of experience. He is completing his first term as Village Judge and is seeking re-election. Through his volunteer activities, Judge Gallagher is familiar presence in Mamaroneck Village. These activities include his service on the Executive Board of the Rye Neck PTSA, as a member of the Board of Directors and Community Outreach Committee of the Rye YMCA, as a member of the Rye Neck Middle School Principal Advisory Committee and as a representative of the local "Safe Routes To School" initiative. Judge Gallagher has also enjoyed coaching many Mamaroneck boys and girls baseball, basketball and soccer teams. He is a graduate of Fordham Law School where he served on the Fordham Law School Law Review. Judge Gallagher is married with two children who attend Rye Neck schools.   

Learn More about Judge Gallagher

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