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Some Highlights: 

Q: What are some of the major issues facing residents in the Village of Mamaroneck?

Andres: The economic downturn has forced individuals, families, and municipalities alike to make hard financial choices. The best way to face this challenge is openly and with input from members of the community. I believe the general lack of transparency and communication from village government is a threat to the character of our village. When residents are empowered with more information and engaged with more respect, our community will be better equipped to make budget and land use decisions that reflect our values and protect our quality of life.

Q: As a board member, how would you help make the village a better place to live?

Andres: If elected, I plan on ensuring that board decisions are made in the open, with information being shared with residents. I believe that backroom deals are not what residents want or deserve, and that the old ways of running the village have lead to unnecessary and avoidable problems such as litigation and conflicts between village boards. I will also seek, consider, and respect feedback from the various volunteer committees and the public at large. These resident volunteers have vast experience, and it wasteful and disrespectful not to make the best of that knowledge.

As for village finances, I will work to implement long-term financial planning to ensure that public infrastructure is properly maintained so that we fix small problems now before they become larger and more expensive. By way of example, consider the Beach Pavilion roof, which has been leaking for years, had money budgeted to repair it for at least three years, yet has not been repaired, potentially causing long-term problems that may cost even more to fix. I will also seek alternate sources of revenue such as collection of unpaid parking tickets, so that we can ensure the village is less dependent on property taxes for its operations.

Finally, there is the issue of development. As a trustee I would insist that development be responsible and preserve the quality of life for the village. To consider only the potential tax revenue from development is myopic. The overall impact to the village, from traffic, to schools, to parking, to flooding, must be taken into account when considering new development. I also believe the village will be best served by considering zoning comprehensively, instead of through piecemeal and ad hoc variances.

Q: What made you want to run for the VOM board?

Andres: I’ve lived most of my life in Westchester, and I really love living and working in the Village of Mamaroneck. We enjoy a special blend of small-town character, diversity, opportunity, and natural beauty that makes this a great place to live and to raise a family. I also strongly believe in the importance of public service. My ongoing commitment to the Civil Air Patrol and my work with the Emergency Medical Services have been extraordinarily rewarding experiences. I believe the ability to serve the public is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a citizen, and I welcome the opportunity to apply my skills and dedication to the betterment of our village and my fellow residents.

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