GOP Continues to Push Statements Deemed "Unfair" and "False"

Though the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee has ruled "unfair" the outrageous claim that Democrats are in favor of 30% cuts in the police department, the Mayor and GOP candidates for Trustee have doubled down on their attack, continuing to air the fabrication on LMC-TV and defending it in the press.

This week's Sound & Town Report has the details.

As Leon Potok makes clear in the article, "It's not an honest misunderstanding." The Mayor has misrepresented a suggestion by Potok earlier this year in his role as Chairman of the Village Budget Committee that possible cost reductions be evaluated through analysis of comparative data. At no point did Potok make any specific recommendation to cut staff or funding of the police department, as the record clearly shows.

 But with only days left until Election Day, the Village of Mamaroneck GOP shows no signs of backing down from their fabrication.

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