Justice Eckers Rules in Favor of Village Voters

Thursday, October 27, was a great day for democracy in the Village. The NYS Supreme Court dismissed the Mayor’s lawsuit against the Village, enabling voting to go forward on Propositions Numbers One and Two. Voters will now be able to decide whether to enact two important laws passed by the Board of Trustees last month.

Justice Lawrence H. Ecker of the Ninth Judicial District clearly stated that the Board and the Village met the spirit and letter of the law in conducting Village business. Mayor Norman Rosenblum, in bringing suit against the Village Clerk, Board of Trustees, and Westchester Board of Elections, claimed that the two laws were passed at an “illegal” Board meeting. This claim was a smoke screen for blocking voter choice.

Justice Ecker ruled that Mayor Rosenblum did not have legal standing as Mayor to sue the Village, but granted him standing as a resident in order to consider the merits of the case.

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