LWV Debate Videos

Please watch the League of Women Voters debate between Mayoral Candidate Clark Neuringer and Trustee Kerry Stein and their opponents. There are critical issues facing our Village and this campaign is about returning reasonable and rational decision-making to our government process.  

During the Mayoral debate, Clark demonstrated why his years of volunteer board and leadership experience combined with a firm grasp of the issues makes Clark the best choice for Mayor. Clark showed specific and detailed understanding of Village issues and articulated a vision of how best to move our community forward. 

During the Trustee debate, Kerry demonstrated a clear understanding of the financial challenges facing our Village and articulated the importance of making budget decisions based on careful consideration of the facts. 

Don't just take our word about Clark and Kerry, watch for yourself:

Mayoral Debate part 1: The waterfront, Industrial zone development, Taxes 

Mayoral Debate part 2: Flooding, Conflict of Interest, Hampshire

Mayoral Debate part 3: VIllage debt, Environment, Parking, Closing statements

Trustee Debate part 1: Critical issue, Hampshire, Waterfront, Sewage spill

Trustee Debate part 2: Diversity on the Board of Trustees, Dog walkers, Closing statements

We all value the small town character of our coastal village that makes it a special place to live. Please join us on Election Day November 5 and vote for Clark Neuringer for Mayor and his running mate Kerry Stein for Trustee with your vote on the Democratic Line or the Mamaroneck First line.

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