Meet the 2023 VMD-Endorsed Candidates

Growing up in the projects in the Bronx in a mixed- race family gave me a thick skin and taught me to stand up to bullies. I learned to work for everything, including putting myself through college and finishing my MBA while working full time. Playing team sports taught me leadership, collaboration and a strong work ethic.

My family instilled in me core values of integrity, community, and a commitment to volunteerism/public service. As a family we were taught that we are stronger together than we are apart. Division only benefits the divider not the divided.

As Mayor, I will work hard to restore civility to our Board and work with members of all political parties to restore balance. Our Village needs responsible stewardship of our tax dollars and a commitment to address the unique needs of each distinct facet of our community.

Every member of the community deserves to be heard and diverse perspectives combined with appropriate research, leading to better decisions to benefit all. We may not agree on everything, but I promise to provide improved, transparent communication, cohesive plans that address our community needs, and to be a public servant rather than a career politician. 

  • Chief Human Resources Officer in a social services agency of ~900 employees in more than 25 locations
  • MBA Degree and 10+ years in corporate accounting and operations
  • President of the Board of Directors for Evelyn Court for 13 years
  • Current Commissioner on the HCZMC (Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission)
  • Former member of Traffic Commission, ad-hoc Coyote Committee and ad-hoc PRRC (Police Reform and Reinvention Committee)
  • Supporter of Animal Rescue and Volunteer at NY Pet Rescue
  • Volunteer at LMHTF (Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force)


I am running for re-election as Village Trustee because I am committed to public service, have more to contribute and believe that I can make a difference.

My ties to this Village run deep. My husband and I both attended Mamaroneck Schools.  We settled in Rye Neck where our daughter Molly graduated high school.  I love this Village.  It is my home.  

Community service is in my DNA.     Many people remember my mother who was librarian at Chatsworth School and was always involved in the community.  When I was in high school, she enlisted my help in her successful campaign to persuade the Mamaroneck School District to keep the libraries at each elementary school.  Education, literacy and community service were my mother’s callings. 

My friendships span political parties.  In fact, I have become friends with former political opponents.  That is because we respect each other’s differences and understand that our Village requires communication and collaboration to find common ground to solve problems. I am prepared at meetings, asking questions, thinking critically, and listening to the community. 

Lately, everywhere I go, people ask me, “Are you OK?”  Most of them have seen (or heard about) recent Board meetings and are frustrated at the eye rolling, snide comments and other disrespectful behavior from my fellow board members towards residents.   People are infuriated by the lack of respect and bold incivility.  Some also fear retribution if they speak at a public meeting to express their views.  I understand and appreciate their concern.  But the answer to the question is "Yes, I am ok."  Together, we will reclaim the wonderful Village we all love.




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