Meet the Candidates Event Series

Leon Potok, Ilissa Miller, and Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom Invite Village Residents to Mamaroneck Library Events

"One thing I hear over and over again from Mamaroneck residents is that Village government should be more open and transparent. I totally agree. So we're trying to run our campaign that way, making ourselves as available as possible to meet with voters about the issues that matter the most." - Ilissa Miller

"Meeting voters face to face is incredibly important to me. We've been knocking on doors and holding neighborhood meetings. These community meetings at the library are just one more way for us to engage in open discussions with Village residents." - Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom

With three current trustees retiring, this election will determine the future of Mamaroneck. I think voters are taking that responsibility seriously, and I am looking forward to a good exchange of ideas at these three community meetings." - Leon Potok

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