On Nov. 7, Vote "Line A" for Tom Murphy and Nora Lucas


Responsible Development

Tom Murphy and Nora Lucas are concerned about the urbanization creeping across Westchester County. They understand that without careful planning, the Village of Mamaroneck could lose its hometown charm. They have watched the increase in multi-unit residential development, the closing of beloved businesses, the dramatic increase in traffic, and the lack of parking with great concern.

Tom and Nora enthusiastically support the review of the Village Comprehensive Plan and will make certain any zoning changes undergo careful analysis of their impact on our quality of life. They will insist that the Village follow the Comprehensive Plan, and not use "spot zoning" and give-aways to outside developers which disrupt our neighborhoods and provide very little economic benefit.

Transparency in Decision Making

 As Mayor and Trustee, Tom and Nora will 

  • push to televise Board of Trustees work sessions in addition to its public sessions
  • limit the Board's use of the closed door Executive Sessions
  • treat every resident that comes to meetings with respect
  • solicit input from employees on how their jobs could be done more efficiently
  • work to ensure correct application of our Zoning Code to avoid needless legal fees and division within our community
  • revisit the Village’s FOIL to limit the records we withhold (that other communities do not) 

Fiscal Management

As Mayor and Trustee Tom and Nora will

  • ensure strict financial monitoring of all RFPs and contracts
  • make sure that the Village competitively bids all contracts, including professional services, and revisits contracts with long term vendors
  • explore sharing services with neighboring municipalities to cut costs
  • carefully audit invoices to be sure all bills are valid and correct. Trustees MUST be held accountable for understanding the invoices that come before them for review.

Flooding and Other Environmental Issues

Tom served as Chairman of the Coastal Zone Management Committee, and has been studying local environmental issues in depth as he serves on the Board of the Town of Mamaroneck, and previously when he served as Village Trustee.  Nora has served on the Village Flood Mitigation Committee for the past two years and has thoroughly reviewed the plan and Environmental Impact documents prepared by the Army Corps of Engineers. Tom and Nora believe that the Village cannot rely upon the ACE plan alone, but most take steps now to reduce the risk of flooding in the Village. They advocate greater use of impervious surfaces, and flood proofing of residential and commercial buildings. As Mayor and Trustee, they will make sure that the review of the Village Comprehensive Plan includes consideration of possible changes to the Code required to mitigate flooding.

Tom and Nora also believe that the issue of clean water must be made a priority and the Village needs to take action now. It's clear that our pipes will need replacement to prevent household waste from getting into the Sound and our rivers. We must join with neighboring municipalities to tackle this problem. 

Problem of Opioid Addiction in our Community

Opioid addition is a heartbreaking tragedy that effects our diverse population equally. Tom and Nora understand that local elected officials cannot combat the opioid addiction issue alone, but must work in conjunction with state agencies and our police department. However, they are certain that the Village cannot arrest its way out of the epidemic.  As Mayor and Trustee, Tom and Nora will drive policy that urges treatment - not arrest. 

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