NYS Supreme Court Decision and Court Filings

On October 17, Mayor Norm Rosenblum filed a lawsuit against the Village of Mamaroneck Clerk, the Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees, and the Westchester County Board of Elections, in order to block the public’s ability to vote on two local referendum propositions now on the November 8 ballot. Mayor Rosenblum tried to derail this vote by raising procedural issues about open meeting notice requirements. He claimed the meeting was “illegal” and would result in costly litigation.

The Village retained counsel and the matter was heard by the Honorable Lawrence H. Ecker, Supreme Court Justice in Westchester County, on Thursday, October 27. Justice Ecker issued a bench decision the same day, which is posted below.

Justice Ecker determined that Mayor Rosenblum did not have the power to file the lawsuit on behalf of the Village in his official capacity as Mayor (see p. 5, lines 8-14), and the the Village "adhered to the spirit and letter of the law" in complying with the notice requirements of the Open Meeting Law  and that there is "no legal basis to set aside the Board of Trustees' actions" (see p. 15, lines 15-19).

Below are links to the Court filings:

1- Mayor Norman Rosenblum files for injunction

2- Village of Mamaroneck filings

     a- Verified Answer

     b- Memorandum of Law

     c- Affidavit of Trustee Leon Potok

     d- Affidavit of Village Manager Richard Slingerland

     e- Affidavit of Deputy Clerk Sally Roberts

     f- Certified Transcript of Record by Clerk-Treasurer Augie Fusco

3- Mayor Rosenblum response to VOM filings

4- Transcript of the decision by Justice Ecker

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