Onward to November!

Mamaroneck Village Democrats have chosen Keith Waitt, Victor Tafur, and Leon Potok as their slate to run for Village Trustee in the November election. 

We thank all those who came out to vote in the Village Democratic  Primary, and we appreciate the hard work by supporters of all four candidates. Clearly, Village Dems are passionate about local politics and willing to put time and energy on the line for their beliefs. 

We look forward to a unified effort to elect our excellent team in November. Three of five seats and our Democratic majority on the Board of Trustees are at stake. We need everyone to work together to make sure that voters come out, understand the issues, and choose Keith, Victor, and Leon in the general election on November 8.

We encourage you to get involved in the campaign. Each one of us brings skills and talents that can help. Even an hour or two can make a difference. Together, we can continue to work for sensible development, environmental sustainability, and community involvement—and make progress toward a Village government that is representative, fair, transparent, and civil.

Primary election results can be found here.


Keith Waitt, Victor Tafur, and Leon Potok

Leadership, Competence, Experience for all Mamaroneck

Your Team for the Village Board of Trustees


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