Mamaroneck Democrats are Leading the Way

Saving Tax Dollars

  • Initiated a 16% water rate reduction — and blocked the 15% increase supported by the mayor.

  • Reduced attorney costs by renegotiating the village land use attorney’s contract.

  • Proposed first-of-its-kind trust fund to address ballooning medical insurance costs for retirees.

  • Launched effort to install multi-space parking meters in the central business district to ease congestion and raise revenue.

  • Supported a study to make our government more efficient by consolidating Village office space.


Safeguarding our Environment

  • Approved more aggressive flood mitigation plan for consideration by Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Cleaned up Harbor Island and Columbus Parks without slaughtering geese.

  • Accelerated sewer infrastructure upgrades.

  • Supported new solar panel law to expedite permitting and encourage use of renewable energy.


Planning for Progress

  • Created new volunteer committee and received Hudson Greenway grant to revitalize our industrial area.

  • Supported mixed-use transit-oriented rezoning to strengthen our business district.

  • Approved height limitations along Post Road to preserve scenic views of harbor.

  • Proposed review of Mamaroneck Avenue building permit process to ensure continuity and vitality of central business district.


Protecting our Village Character

  • Supported Summer Nights on the Sound July 4 concerts.

  • Fixed sidewalk cafe code to accommodate residents with disabilities.

  • Opposed expensive, unsightly replacement fences at Harbor Island.


Advancing Open Government

  • Insisted on televised public hearings for LWRP hearings to shine sunlight on process to rewrite waterfront policies.

  • Recruited community leaders with real-world experience to lead the Village’s important volunteer committees.

  • Established Village’s Facebook page and directed online communications for more contact with residents.

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