Village of Mamaroneck Democrats Announce New Slate

The Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party has made its choice of candidates for Mayor and Trustee, announced Tom Murphy, leader of the Nominating Committee, and Elizabeth Saenger, Party Chair.  "We are delighted with both candidates," said Murphy

For Mayor, we have chosen Clark Neuringer.  An Architect and 38 year village resident, Clark has been an appointed member of every land use board/commission in the village, including service as Chair of the Board of Architectural Review; member of the Coastal Zone Management Commission; member of the Planning Board; member (and chair) of the Zoning Board of Appeals; and current member of the Harbor and Coastal Zone Management Commission. In addition he has served as Chair of the Industrial Area Revitalization Task Force and member of other ad hoc building committees in the village. He has participated as an alternate member of the Westchester County Housing Implementation Commission and is a Board member of the Washingtonville Housing Alliance and the Orienta Point Association. 

For Trustee, we have chosen Kerry Stein, who is a 21 year village resident and managing Director at Lloyds Bank with a long history of community involvement. Kerry coached Lacrosse for 10 years with LMYL and is currently Co-coaching the Mamaroneck Blackhawks U-14 Travel soccer team. A Trustee of Franklin Pierce University (vice chair) as well as a member of the Emelin Theatre Advisory board, he has been married for 23 years and has a son in 8th grade at the Hommocks, and a daughter in 11th grade at the High school.   

"Both men are very well known and well liked in the community," commented Murphy.  "The seven person Nominating Committee worked diligently to interview nine candidates who sought positions.  We've rarely had so many excellent and willing volunteers to choose from." 

Saenger commented that it was Murphy who was able to unite various groups in the village. 

"Tom's leadership was the glue that held everyone together for such fine results," she said, "We are thrilled!"

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