As we look ahead.

On Tuesday, Democratic Primary voters selected Leilani Yizar-Reid, Manny Rawlings and Lou Young to run for Trustees on the Democratic line in November against a full Republican slate. We congratulate all the candidates for stepping up and participating in a hard fought race and look forward to the future.


We Must Stand Together

The double whammy by the Supreme Court this week is a call to action for all of us who care about not only gun safety and our privacy rights, but also our Democracy.  Our liberties and rights continue to be under a withering attack. Complacency cannot be an option.  Active (and respectful) engagement is required on all levels – Federal, State, and Local. 

We will update you on opportunities to get involved. 

Only one day of early voting left.  Don’t forget to early vote in the Democratic Primary tomorrow (Sunday, June 26) from 10 am to 6 pm.  Or vote on Primary Day, Tuesday, June 28th from 6 am to 9 pm.

Remember that Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Dan Natchez are the 3 candidates endorsed by the duly constituted Mamaroneck Village Democratic Committee whose membership is duly elected and certified with the Westchester County Board of Elections.

Voting matters. The Truth matters.  Transparency matters. 

Democracy matters.



This is who we are

Trustee Candidates Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Dan Natchez have focused on the issues and made the case that their professional experiences make them the most qualified candidates.  When their opponents’ supporters have gone low, they’ve gone high.

We hope you have gotten to know about Richard, Andrew and Dan’s government, budget and environmental expertise during the course of the campaign.  Please take a look at the videos.

Early voting is available through Sunday.  Primary Day is Tuesday, June 28.

Thank you for your participation in Democracy.


People Love Early Voting!


Vote for Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Dan Natchez


People love Early Voting:

“Early voted yesterday for Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Dan Natchez, so glad they are running. “

“Early voted today for Litman, Spatz & Natchez – convenient and efficient”

“Voted Wednesday for Richard, Andrew and Dan.  Best of Luck and Go Team!”

  You can Early Vote Today, Tomorrow and Sunday  at:   

Mamaroneck Town Center, 740 West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck NY
St. Gregory the Great Church, 215 Halstead Avenue, Harrison NY 10528

Friday, June 24, 8 am until 4 pm
Saturday, June 25, 10 am until 6 pm
Sunday June 26, 10 am until 6 pm 

Primary Day is Tuesday June 28, 2022


For more information about Richard, Andrew and Dan here:


Hey! Mayor Murphy!

You may have received an email from Mayor Murphy about our Democratic primary.  We would like to share with you our questions for him.

Hey Mayor Murphy: 

You wrote that “I need these board members by my side.”   Are you working to get three candidates elected because you think they will never disagree with you?  Are you concerned that voters might elect Trustees who have experience and solutions to problems who would work in the best interests of the entire Village rather than your personal agenda? 

When trustees fully discuss issues in a transparent and collaborative manner, do you view this as “impeding movement” or “opposing progress”?

We agree that flood mitigation is a priority, but why are you supporting three candidates with no significant environmental or governmental experience particularly when we have three Democratic candidates with extensive experience in these areas? 

“Under-handed tactics” and “distortions of truth”?  Really?  Check out the latest fliers from your team and Lou Young’s angry rants on Facebook.  Why have you made this primary ugly and divisive?

When it comes to the Black Lives Matter Mural, why are you criticizing rather than thanking Dan Natchez and the other trustees who knew it was essential to wait two weeks and fix the wording of the resolution?  Why did you vote for the resolution that would have made the Village vulnerable to supporting hate speech?  (And by the way, this saved the Village from potential additional litigation on your watch).  

But most of all, why all the angry and personal attacks? 

Before you vote, Tom, take the time to watch the League of Women Voter’s Forum:

and the Meet the Candidates programs:  Link



Black Live Matter Mural Repainting

Black Lives Matter Mural is being Repainted as Part of OneMamaroneck’s Juneteenth Celebration, Saturday, June 18.

We thank Trustees Dan Natchez, Nora Lucas and Victor Tafur for protecting the Village and voting against a hasty proposal that would have opened the door to all kinds of hate speech on Village property.  They insisted that the Board of Trustees take an extra two weeks to develop and adopt a policy to ensure that the mural was government speech and not private speech.  Now Mamaroneck is protected from any demands of the Nazi Party, KKK, and other vile hate groups* since government speech can be regulated (by policy) but private speech cannot.

Thoughtful policy making is what this Village needs.

For more information about how you can participate in tomorrow’s Juneteenth Celebration and support REALM (Recognizing Enslaved Africans of Larchmont and Mamaroneck), go to:

Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Trustee Dan Natchez hope to see you there!

*The delay in approving the Black Lives Matter mural was to ensure that it was government speech and not private speech.  See for more information.  In the recent Supreme Court decision Justice Breyer wrote: “The key was to what extent Boston actually controlled the messages on the flags. And the answer, he said, was not at all. The city's lack of meaningful involvement, he said, led the court to conclude that these flag raisings were not government speech—where the government can control its message—but private speech, in fact religious speech, that cannot be regulated by the government.”


Here is why experiance really matters!

Here’s why Experience Matters, watch Litman, Spatz and Natchez at the league of Women Voter’s Forum.

On June 15, the Larchmont-Mamaroneck League of Women Voters hosted a debate for the six candidates vying for three spots on the Democratic ticket for Village of Mamaroneck Trustee. Key questions focused on flooding and capital expenditure issues as well as asking candidates to identify their priorities.  Candidates also spoke about community inclusion and quality of life issues. 

Democratic endorsed candidates Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz, and Dan Natchez showed why #Because Experience Matters is a fitting slogan for their ticket.  Fiscal responsibility and smart budget management proposed by Richard, Dan, and Andrew were the clear take-aways of the debate.  As a sitting Trustee, Dan provided specifics about how to efficiently and transparently allocate tax dollars on capital projects.  Richard’s summary of his decades of high-level governmental experience provided keen insights into the steady hand that he would apply to Village leadership.  And Andrew’s recap of his extensive volunteerism in the community and expertise on Village flood mitigation and quality of life concerns made him stand out.  Answers provided by the three other opposition candidates were largely confined to pre-programmed generalities and tired political criticism.  The opponents’ participation in the debate re-enforced their lack of relevant experience and highlighted their overall lack of understanding of the challenges facing our community.   Their reliance on Tom Murphy was also concerning. 



Must See TV on LMCMedia - Don't Miss It!`

League of Women Voters of Larchmont Mamaroneck are hosting the Candidate Forum for the Village of Mamaroneck Primary 

Tune in to watch the Endorsed Democratic Candidates

 Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Dan Natchez

for Village Trustee

Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM

watch on LMC Media: 

Primary Day June 28, 2022

Early Voting Begins June 18

 If you miss it Wednesday, you can catch it on re-runs at LMC Media   


Dirty Tricks!

This article, about dirty tricks, was just published about our village. We have no words other than to say that Andrew, Dan and Richard are running to focus on the things that we need to do for our Village, now!


DIRTY TRICKS? Mamaroneck Official “Accidentally” Releases Evidence File in Previously Dismissed Sexual Harassment Complaint against Board Trustee


Apply for Absentee Ballots Today



>>>>  APPLY NOW! <<<<<<

Today is the last day to apply on-line for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you:

>>>>  APPLY NOW! <<<<<<

Early Voting starts Saturday June 18 and goes through Sunday June 26.

Early Voting Locations are: 

Mamaroneck Town Center, 740 West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck NY


St. Gregory the Great Church, 215 Halstead Avenue, Harrison NY 10528



Saturday, June 18, 10 am until 6 pm
Sunday June 19, 10 am until 6 pm
Monday June 20, 8 am until 4 pm
Tuesday June 21, noon until 8 pm
Wednesday, June 22, 8 am until 4 pm
Thursday, June 23, noon until 8 pm
Friday, June 24, 8 am until 4 pm
Saturday, June 25, 10 am until 6 pm
Sunday June 26, 10 am until 6 pm


Primary Day is Tuesday, June 28.

Get to know more about the Village of Mamaroneck’s Endorsed Candidates,

Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Dan Natchez at:



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