Volunteer Committee Appointments and Vacancies

Volunteers Needed for Committee Vacancies (as of February 14, 2017):

  • Committee for the Environment
  • Recreation and Parks Commission

Interested residents should email Sally Roberts at [email protected] in the Clerk-Treasurer's Office, and/or the Board of Trustees at [email protected]

Volunteer committees are a unique and important feature of Village of Mamaroneck governance.  Made up of dedicated residents, the committees have a range of responsibilities from ruling on land use matters to program development and oversight. In addition, the committees are tasked to research issues of importance to the community and recommend policy to the Board of Trustees and the Village Manager.

Committee members are appointed by majority vote of the Board, and may be reappointed for a second consecutive term.

For a description of the committees’ work and a full list of their members, click HERE

Volunteer Appointments since the Annual Organizational Meeting:

February 13, 2017:

  • Joyce Washburn, Arts Council;
  • Tina Maresca, Recreation and Parks Commission;
  • David Salko, Traffic Commission.

January 23, 2017:

  • Wendy Zoland, Tree Committee;
  • Chari Topol Allison, Arts Council;
  • Jodi Stern, Committee for the Environment.

Volunteer Appointments at the December 5, 2016 Board of Trustees Annual Organization Meeting:

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees has appointed the following residents to Village committees, effective immediately.  In addition, the Board named new Chairpersons to some committees (others appoint their own Chairs), and assigned Board liaisons to certain committees.

We thank all the volunteers for their service.

  • Zoning Board of Appeals
    • David Neufeld (reappointment)
    • Robin Kramer (returning to ZBA)
    • Kelly Wenstrup (new appointment)
    • Barry Weprin — Chair
  • Planning Board
    • Richard Litman (new)
    • Lee Wexler —Chair
  • Board of Architectural Review
    • Maggie Leigh O’Neill and Lawrence Cohen (reappointments)
    • Dennis Cucinella (returning to BAR)
    • J. Malte Stoeckhert —Chair
  • Board of Ethics
    • Mary Vozza (reappointment)
    • Maria DeRose (new)
  • Budget Committee
    • Stephanie Lividini (reappointment)
    • Bouchra Atoubi Galluccio and Bill Spiro (new)
  • Committee for the Environment
    • Colin Goldberg and Sarah Richards (reappointments)
    • Marc Karell (returning after one-year break)
    • Ellen Silver (new)
    • Katherine Desmond (returning after working to establish the Marine Education Center at Harbor Island Park)
    • David Styler — Chair
  • Arts Council
    • Jane Dorian and Robin Campbell (reappointments)
  • Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee
    • Andrew Spatz and Eric Mandell (reappointments)
    • Peggy Jackson (returning after one-year break)
    • Tony Gelber — Chair
  • Harbor and Coastal Zone Management Commission
    • Pam Michels (reappointment)
    • Jennifer Bienstock Cohen (new)
  • Recreation and Parks Commission
    • Kerry Stein (reappointment)
    • Joan Spedafino (returning after one-year break)
    • Veronica Colman (new)
  • Board of Traffic Commissioners
    • Ed Zagajeski and Joe Mazzullo (reappointments)
    • Myron Tannenbaum —Chair
  • Tree Committee
    • Michael Graham (new)
    • Sarah Robertson —Chair (returning after one-year break)
  • Larchmont-Mamaroneck Cable TV Advisory Committee
    • Sunny Goldberg (reappointment). 

BOT liaisons to volunteer committees:

  • Committee for the Environment – Trustee Tafur
  • Fire Department – Trustees Santoro and Waitt
  • Arts Council – Trustee Potok
  • EMS – Trustees Santoro and Potok
  • Board of Traffic Commissioners – Mayor Rosenblum
  • Budget Committee – Trustee Waitt
  • Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee – Trustee Tafur
  • Tree Committee – Trustee Tafur
  • Marine Education Ad-hoc Committee – Mayor Rosenblum and Trustee Potok
  • Industrial Area Redevelopment Ad-hoc Committee – Trustee Waitt
  • Recreation & Parks Commission – Trustees Santoro and Potok
  • LMC-TV Board of Control – Mayor Rosenblum.
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