Thanks to all of you...

Kerry and I want to thank all of you who took time out of your busy lives to support us. To all who came to gatherings, put out lawn signs, made phone calls, walked with us, talked to neighbors on our behalf and voted for us, we are eternally grateful.  Although we fell short, we are proud to have run a campaign that talked about important issues facing our Coastal Village and how to address them.  As we see these issues unfold in the coming year we urge you to continue to stay involved and make your voices heard.


Local Paper Disavows Rosenblum/Santoro mailer


Is Mayor Rosenblum above the law?

  • Mayor Rosenblum publicly stated that he should be allowed to accept free meals from local businesses and that he should be entitled to free parking in the Village.  The first creates conflicts of interest and is prohibited by our ethics laws.  The second gives the Mayor special treatment not available to other residents.
  • Despite being issued Notices of Violation, Mayor Rosenblum and Trustee Santoro refuse to take their huge campaign signs down, scoffing at the notion that that they need to comply with our laws.
  • The Mayor also scoffs at our gun control laws.  Due to a gun incident that occurred many years ago, the Mayor’s pistol permit allowing him to have a gun was revoked.  Information published in the Journal News this past December showed that a gun was currently registered at the Mayor’s home, but the registration was in his brother’s name.  His brother does not live there.
As (then Mayor) Paul Noto stated about the original gun incident, "The incident raises very serious questions about Norman's judgment, temperament and ethics." This statement is true not only of the original gun incident, but of the continued actions and flouting of the law that we see today.

On Nov 5 Vote Clark Neuringer for Mayor and Kerry Stein for Trustee
Reasonable, Rational, Results - For A Change. 

LMC Meet the Candidates Part 2

Hot off the Press!

LMC "Meet the Candidates" Part 2

with Clark Neuringer (for Mayor) and Kerry Stein (for Trustee).



Interviews with our Candidates

We invite you to listen to a conversation between Tom Murphy and our candidates, Clark Neuringer (for Mayor) and Kerry Stein (for Trustee). In two segments, Clark and Kerry introduce themselves and share their ideas and hopes for the Village of Mamaroneck.

Clark Neuringer and Kerry Stein Part 1


Clark Neuringer and Kerry Stein part 2


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Candidates Launch Energized Campaign



roasted_peppers_small.pngOn a beautiful late summer evening close to a hundred supporters joined together at Roasted Peppers on Mamaroneck Avenue to Kick-Off the official campaign for Mayoral Candidate Clark Neuringer and Trustee Candidate Kerry Stein.  

Past and present elected officials from the Sound Shore communities stopped by the spirited gathering to hear the candidates promise to bring a civil, reasoned and rational approach back to the public debate around our community's  most important issues:  taxes, land use and quality of life.

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Village of Mamaroneck Democrats Announce New Slate

The Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party has made its choice of candidates for Mayor and Trustee, announced Tom Murphy, leader of the Nominating Committee, and Elizabeth Saenger, Party Chair.  "We are delighted with both candidates," said Murphy

For Mayor, we have chosen Clark Neuringer.  An Architect and 38 year village resident, Clark has been an appointed member of every land use board/commission in the village, including service as Chair of the Board of Architectural Review; member of the Coastal Zone Management Commission; member of the Planning Board; member (and chair) of the Zoning Board of Appeals; and current member of the Harbor and Coastal Zone Management Commission. In addition he has served as Chair of the Industrial Area Revitalization Task Force and member of other ad hoc building committees in the village. He has participated as an alternate member of the Westchester County Housing Implementation Commission and is a Board member of the Washingtonville Housing Alliance and the Orienta Point Association. 

For Trustee, we have chosen Kerry Stein, who is a 21 year village resident and managing Director at Lloyds Bank with a long history of community involvement. Kerry coached Lacrosse for 10 years with LMYL and is currently Co-coaching the Mamaroneck Blackhawks U-14 Travel soccer team. A Trustee of Franklin Pierce University (vice chair) as well as a member of the Emelin Theatre Advisory board, he has been married for 23 years and has a son in 8th grade at the Hommocks, and a daughter in 11th grade at the High school.   

"Both men are very well known and well liked in the community," commented Murphy.  "The seven person Nominating Committee worked diligently to interview nine candidates who sought positions.  We've rarely had so many excellent and willing volunteers to choose from." 

Saenger commented that it was Murphy who was able to unite various groups in the village. 

"Tom's leadership was the glue that held everyone together for such fine results," she said, "We are thrilled!"


Democrats Seek Candidates for Mayor and Trustee

On May 6, 2013, the District Leaders of the Mamaroneck Village Democrats met at the home of party chair Elizabeth Saenger.  They voted unanimously to elect a Nominating Committee to seek and select Democratic candidates for the positions of Mayor and Trustee in the general election in November 2013.
The committee will cast a wide net to attract talented residents who want to work hard and meet the challenges Mamaroneck faces head on.  This committee will be led by Tom Murphy and Elizabeth Saenger.  The committee urges members of the community interested in running for Mayor or Trustee on the Democratic ticket to contact Murphy or Saenger.  They can be reached via email at

Village of Mamaroneck Organization Meeting

We are writing to inform you of what happened at the Village of Mamaroneck’s December 10 Organizational Meeting. The swearing in of reelected Judge Daniel Gallagher and newly elected trustees, Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom, Ilissa Miller and Leon Potok proceeded smoothly, but the appointment of residents to some volunteer boards and commissions was met with opposition from Mayor Norman Rosenblum and Trustee Lou Santoro. Here is what transpired:

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Swearing-in Take Two: Please Join Us Monday, December 10

Election results have been certified by the Westchester County Board of Elections, and the swearing-in of Judge Gallagher and the Democratic Trustees has been rescheduled.

So without further ado ...


We are pleased to invite you to attend
the swearing-in ceremony of

the Village of Mamaroneck Elected Trustees

Andres Bermudez Hallstrom
Ilissa Miller
Leon Potok


Judge Dan Gallagher

Monday, December 10, 2012
7:15 PM

Village of Mamaroneck Courtroom
169 Mt. Pleasant Avenue

A wine and cheese reception will follow
the regularly scheduled meeting.


Postponed: Village of Mamaroneck Swearing In of New Trustees and Organizational Meeting

We've been informed by the Village Manager that the Westchester County Board of Elections has not yet officially certified the results of last month's election.

For that reason, the swearing in of new members of the Board of Trustees cannot yet take place, and tonight's regularly scheduled organizational meeting has been postponed.

As soon as the meeting is rescheduled, we will let you know ... and invite you again to join us for a reception! 


Our Next Steps Together

With this year’s campaign for Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees behind us — and Thanksgiving just ahead — we wanted to take the opportunity to express our deep gratitude for your support. We are honored by the votes you cast for us on election day, and humbled by the responsibility of representing your values on the Board of Trustees. We look forward to our new roles with great optimism.

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Updated totals from Board of Elections

The Board of Elections has released updated vote totals for our Village elections:


They've also posted the updated tally for the race for Village Justice:


Congratulations, Ilissa, Leon, Andres, and Dan!

Updated Nov. 30, 2012.


Democrats Sweep Village Elections

The Journal News reports that our Democratic team has won all three open seats on the Board of Trustees:

Updated numbers Friday from the Westchester County Board of Elections for the votes in Rye and Mamaroneck gave a clearer picture of the outcomes there.

In Mamaroneck, the Democrats running for the village board appear to have taken the three available seats, knocking Republican Michael Sudano out of the first place spot he held with incomplete results since election night.

Among the Democrats, Ilissa Miller received 3,310 votes, Leon Potok got 3,155 and Andres Hallstrom got 3,084. Sudano received 3,021 votes; Dennis Cucinella, another Republican, got 2,842; and George Belsito got 2,769, according to the Board of Elections.

This was another very close election, reminding us again that every single vote — for each candidate — is important. Thank you to all our friends and supporters!


Village of Mamaroneck Democrats