Finch * Miller * Potok win election

Voters in the Village of Mamaroneck gave all three Democratic candidates a clear victory in yesterday’s election.

Dave Finch will join incumbents Ilissa Miller and Leon Potok on the Board of Trustees for the next two years.

Thank you for all your encouragement and help during the campaign this year!


State Senator George Latimer endorses FINCH * MILLER * POTOK

I’ve always believed that public service is about working hard, getting results, and putting people above politics. That’s why I urge you to vote for Dave Finch, Ilissa Miller, and Leon Potok for Village of Mamaroneck Trustees.

Mamaroneck needs strong, sensible leaders who will make choices based on reason and analysis, not politics.

Ilissa Miller and Leon Potok have earned our trust and deserve to be re-elected. They have safeguarded Mamaroneck’s environment by vigorously defending the key volunteer committee responsible for waterfront, harbor, and flooding issues.

We need Dave Finch to join them on the board to form a new, sensible majority. Dave knows that Mamaroneck’s progress must not come at the expense of our natural resources or commitment to the environment.

Together, Dave Finch, Ilissa Miller, and Leon Potok will continue leading the way for Mamaroneck.

Thank you,


State Senator George Latimer


Watch Orienta Point Association debate online

Dave, Ilissa, and Leon met their opponents at the Orienta Point Association candidate forum on October 19. You can watch the whole thing online:



Meet the Candidates on LMC-TV

Dave Finch, Ilissa Miller, and Leon Potok interviewed by County Legislator Catherine Parker on LMC-TV:



They're at it again

The mayor and his allies on the Board of Trustees have consistently undermined the key volunteer committee responsible for flooding, harbor, and development issues.

Last week they were at it again, denying the Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission (HCZMC) enough time to review new legislation for zoning changes in the area around Mamaroneck's train station. When committee members asked for a 30-day extension — a request regularly granted under similar circumstances — the mayor and his allies voted no and refused to place the vote on this week’s regular Trustee meeting agenda.

The issue is transit-oriented development, or TOD. That’s just jargon for building near the train station in order to take advantage of Mamaroneck's easy access to Metro North. This area has more capacity to absorb growth without adversely affecting our village character, and I believe transit-oriented development has great potential for Mamaroneck.

But growth needs to be managed wisely, and the proposed TOD zone is in an area where residents and businesses face significant flood risk — it is vital that trustees have the advice of the HCZMC before moving forward.

Why are the mayor and his allies trying to stifle the HCZMC? You can ask them tonight, during the board’s regular meeting, when we will be open for public comment on the TOD legislation. I’m looking forward to this important conversation.




ZOMBIES! Republicans won't let a bad idea die

With Halloween coming up, let’s talk about zombies — not the flesh-eating monsters, but the bad ideas that just won’t die.

At last Sunday’s debate, Republican Mike Ianniello voiced support for a multi-tiered, public-private, save-the-day parking structure that Mayor Rosenblum has been pushing on Mamaroneck for years. Ianniello’s running-mate, Maggie-Leigh O’Neill, supported the same idea at an earlier debate.

If elected, that’s two more votes for the mayor’s pet project — which would mean shovels in the ground and money flying out the window.

Even a back-of-the-envelope analysis makes it clear that the cost of building and maintaining a new parking structure would far outweigh the revenue it would generate, as noted by the Democratic candidates two years ago. But the mayor wouldn’t be swayed — he and his allies on the board ordered a second opinion from an outside consultant for $40,000.

Well, that second opinion is in and it’s the same as the first: building a parking structure would mean an annual subsidy from taxpayers of roughly $500,000. Yet Rosenblum, Ianniello, and O’Neill won’t let this bad idea die.

So by all means dress up like a zombie for Halloween, but on Election Day you can be a zombie-killer — elect three trustees who favor analysis over wishful thinking and who will enact sensible, thoughtful solutions that protect your tax dollars.




Mayor again rejects sensible solution for downtown parking

Mamaroneck Avenue’s parking crunch is a challenge for residents and business owners — and has been for years — but the mayor refuses to move forward on the most cost-effective, sensible solution.

The Village hired outside consultants last year for $40,000 to make parking recommendations, and they came to the same conclusion our volunteer budget committee reached two years ago: multi-space meters would increase revenue, make parking more convenient, and collect data for the Village to make even smarter decisions down the road.

The mayor and his allies have forced delays in this process from day one. At last night’s Board of Trustees meeting, the mayor again voted down multi-space meters, and offered absolutely no rationale for doing so. This has gone on so long it’s almost silly — except there’s nothing silly about wasting taxpayers’ money.

Now the mayor’s discredited idea for an expensive multi-level automated parking structure off Mamaroneck Avenue has been revived by his hand-picked candidates for trustee. Remember that plan? The one supposedly recommended by a secret report written by an ad-hoc private committee? The one that would only cover costs by raising parking rates 600%? Yeah, that one.

It’s time to stop delaying and wasting money. We need a new, thoughtful majority on the board to plan for growth in a sensible, responsible way.


Trustee Leon Potok 


Congratulations to Hispanic Democrats of Westchester


Leon, Ilissa, and Dave were very glad to be a part of last night's 25th anniversary celebration of the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester. Pictured here with honorees Jack Alemany, Robin Bikkal, and Victor Avendaño and dignitaries Martha Lopez-Hanratty, Andrew Spano, and Elsa Puerto-Rubin. Congratulations on a productive, vital 25 years!


Watch LWV Debate at

Last night's LWV debate is available to view online at The program included State Sen. George Latimer and his opponent, plus uncontested presentations from Rep. Eliot Engel, Assemblyman Steve Otis, and Mamaroneck Town Councilmember Tom Murphy.

If you're interested only in the Mamaroneck Village candidates for Trustee, scrub through to the 57th minute, which is where their portion of the program begins.



Hearing Public Comments Should be Job #1

What’s more important — a Village Trustee who likes to talk, or a Village Trustee who likes to listen?

Not a hard choice, is it? So why would the mayor and his allies vote to push public comments at Village Board meetings all the way to the end of the agenda? The change means that, as the Mamaroneck Review put it, “residents now must wait through public presentations, bill audits and discussions on old and new business” before sharing their thoughts with the Board of Trustees.

That’s just not right.

Ilissa Miller, Leon Potok, and I have pledged to restore public comments to the beginning of Board of Trustees meetings in order to encourage citizen participation and increase accountability for public officials.

As Ilissa said, “Hearing from Village residents is job number one — our meetings should reflect that priority. It’s not fair to make our neighbors wait three hours or more before they can say what’s on their minds.”

Leon agrees: “The mayor and his allies have made clear they are not interested in hearing from the public. They make disparaging remarks to citizens who speak up, continue their insults on their Facebook pages, and now push an important part of our public meetings to the end of the night.”

And I’m issuing a challenge to the other Trustee candidates: I hope the Republican candidates recognize that this has nothing to do with party affiliation and will join our pledge to restore public comments to the start of Board meetings.

You can see for yourself tonight if they are willing to join this pledge, as all six candidates for the Board of Trustees meet for a debate at the Town of Mamaroneck Courtroom, 640 W. Boston Post Road. The program begins at 7:30 with candidates for New York State Senate. Board of Trustees candidates will start at approximately 8:15 p.m. If you can’t make it in person, you can watch live on LMC-TV and at



Dave Finch


LWV Debate Wednesday at 8:15 p.m.

Dave, Ilissa, and Leon will meet their Republican challengers Wednesday night for a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Larchmont/Mamaroneck.

Town of Mamaroneck Courtroom
740 W. Boston Post Rd

The program begins at 7:30 with candidates for New York State Senate. The portion of the program devoted to the Board of Trustees candidates will start at approximately 8:15 p.m. and last until 9:30.

Questions can be submitted from audience members. The program will also be available live on LMC-TV and at


Celebrate Hispanic Democrats of Westchester's 25th Anniversary

This Thursday, October 9, join Mamaroneck Democrats in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hispanic Democrats of Westchester at a dinner & dance in White Plains.

The event is also a chance to honor three of HDW's founders -- Jack Alemany, Robin Bikkal, and Victor Avendaño.

Thursday, October 9, 2014
CV Rich Mansion, 305 Ridgeway, White Plains, NY
Cocktails 6 p.m., Dinner 7 p.m.
Tickets $150 at the door

Email or call 917-863-8151 for more information.


Phone bank for Latimer at Mamaroneck HQ

You can volunteer to make phone calls for State Senator George Latimer's re-election campaign every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 6:00 pm - 8:15 pm at his Mamaroneck headquarters, 172 E. Boston Post Road.

George has been an advocate for our Village for years, and deserves all of our support on Election Day in four weeks. Please set aside two or three dates to join his campaign's phone banks.

For more information about volunteering, call the Latimer campaign at (914) 341-1226.


Finch * Miller * Potok win decisive primary victory

Results are in from yesterday's primary and Finch * Miller * Potok are the decisive winners.

Ilissa Miller 607 31%
Dave Finch 572 29%
Leon Potok 542 28%
Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom 220 11%
Election Night tally from Westchester BOE    

Thank you to our supporters. Now it’s on to the general election, where your help and contributions will be even more important to keep Mamaroneck Democrats leading the way.



Mamaroneck Review corrects the record

The Mamaroneck Review has posted to its website a revised report on the allegations Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom raised last week against Leon Potok.

The revised article makes more clear that the charges have no merit; moreover, that Trustee Bermudez-Hallstrom had plenty of reason to doubt his own case.

The Mamaroneck Review should be commended for correcting the record when faced with the clear facts of the case.


You Deserve Better

If you missed last Sunday’s debate with the four Democratic candidates for Trustee, I encourage you to turn on LMC-TV tonight at 8 p.m. for a replay, or watch online at The event offered the candidates a chance to address a wide range of important local issues in a thoughtful and respectful forum, and I was grateful to be able to participate.

That is, until Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom turned the debate into a circus.

Asked about the vital role the Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission plays in protecting our environment, Andres made an unaccountable and patently false allegation against me; namely, that I had failed to disclose a financial relationship with a member of the HCZMC.

That’s a serious ethical charge — one that I would take seriously if it weren’t made so recklessly. Andres is just trying to deflect attention away from the votes he has taken to marginalize the HCZMC and undermine environmental protections. It’s a cheap political trick, and Mamaroneck deserves better.

Well, better is right around the corner — on Tuesday, Village Democrats can vote for Dave Finch to join Ilissa Miller and me on the ballot for Village Trustee. Dave was unanimously endorsed by the Democratic nominating committee because he will thoughtfully and faithfully protect our Village character and keep Mamaroneck moving forward.

Show your support for FINCH * MILLER * POTOK by adding your name to our many friends and neighbors endorsing our campaign, or just reply to this email to give your endorsement. And please join us at Roasted Peppers on Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. for our campaign kick-off.


Leon Potok

P.S. I don’t blame you if you want more details. I’ve posted receipts and public campaign filings to our website — you can see for yourself that Andres’ charge is without merit.

If Andres believed his allegations had merit, he would have filed charges with the Village Board of Ethics. He hasn’t done so, which tells you all you need to know about their validity and his cynicism. Mamaroneck deserves better, truly.


Campaign Kick-off Sunday at Roasted Peppers

Please join us on Sunday at Roasted Peppers on Mamaroneck Ave for our 2014 Campaign Kick-off!



Watch Shore Acres Debate On LMC-TV

SAPOA_debate.pngLast Sunday's Democratic debate, sponsored by the Shore Acres Property Owners Association, will be shown on LMC-TV this weekend at 8 p.m., 2 a.m., 8 a.m., and 2 p.m. starting Friday night. You can also watch the debate online at LMC-TV's updated website.


Another neighborhood meeting with the candidates

Another great neighborhood meeting this evening with our candidates, Dave Finch, Ilissa Miller, and Leon Potok.



Democratic candidates meet with neighbors

Candidates Dave Finch, Ilissa Miller, and Leon Potok have been meeting with Village residents this summer to discuss the issues facing Mamaroneck and what's at stake in the primary on September 9.



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