2018 Mamaroneck Village Democratic Candidates

We are excited to announce the three Trustee candidates endorsed by the Mamaroneck Village Democratic Party -- Dan Natchez, Victor Tafur and Keith Waitt. We invite your spirited support for our slate.


Dan Natchez



Dan Natchez is a lifelong Village resident and local business owner who previously served six years as Deputy Mayor and Trustee of the Village. An award-winning expert in waterfront design and development, Dan was a principal author of our 1984 Local Waterfront Development Program, which has protected our coastal village’s character for 30 years. Dan currently serves as president of the Shore Acres Property Owners Association. He is a long-time environmental advocate for clean water and flood prevention. 

Victor Tafur



Victor Tafur is an environmental law professor and practitioner  currently serving his first term as Trustee. Born in Colombia, Victor and his family have lived in Mamaroneck for 14 years. Victor is Co-Director of the UN Environmental Diplomacy Program at Pace University Law School and part-time faculty member at Bard College’s Center for Environmental Policy. Victor holds masters and doctoral degrees in Environmental Law from Pace University. He is liasion to the Village's Water Quality Advisory Committee.

Keith Waitt



Keith Waitt is also seeking re-election for his second term as Village Trustee. Born and educated in the UK, Keith and his family have lived in Mamaroneck for over 20 years. In 2007, after a career in financial services working in London and New York, Keith established an integrated learning services firm that trains the financial sector in risk management and compliance. During his first term, Keith has been most involved in the Budget Committee and Industrial Advisory Committee, which is working on the re-development of our industrial area. Keith has been a keen proponent for transparency and courtesy in local government affairs.


Leon Potok, who served with distinction for three terms, is not seeking re-election.

Our party and our three candidates promise to protect our neighborhoods by involving all stakeholders in thoughtful and respectful Village decision-making.

Sign a Petition

Our crucial first step is gathering signatures from 5% of Village Democrats to qualify our candidates for the ballot. Please help party workers seeking your signatures on our designating petitions.  Party members will be carrying designating petitions for our three Village candidates, for Jeffrey King (Mamaroneck Town Council),  for Steve Otis (NY State Assembly), for Shelly Mayer (NY State Senate) and for judicial positions.

Congressional Primary June 26

Also, mark your calendar for June 26 when there will be a Democratic primary between Eliot Engel and Jonathan Lewis for U.S. Congress.

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