Here’s why you should vote “YES” on the three November 8 ballot propositions

Some history:  since 1972 the Village of Mamaroneck has been a strong manager/weak mayor form of government where the Board of Trustees supervises a professional village manager who runs day-to-day operations.  Each member of the Board of Trustees has an equal vote on legislation, financial and policy issues. Even though we’ve had this form of government for 50 years some laws are not consistent with it.  Voting ‘YES” on the propositions will fix this.

On November 8, Village voters can correct Village law by voting “YES” on 3 propositions:

  • For the entire Board of Trustees to appoint the Clerk-Treasurer

  • For the entire Board of Trustees to remove (for cause) Planning/Zoning Board members

  • For the entire Board of Trustees to appoint a new trustee in case of a vacancy


In 2016 two similar propositions passed overwhelmingly (2:1) to give appointment authority for the Village Attorney and Planning Board/Zoning Board members to the entire Board of Trustees.


Please joins the Village Democrats and vote “YES” on the 3 ballot propositions on November 8th.

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