When people don't vote they have no voice

State Democratic Committee has provided lawn signs to put up all across Westchester County to remind voters what will happen if we don't vote blue in the midterms.


If you would like one for your lawn, please e-mail, [email protected], and it will be planted.


To Clarify social media mis-information

To clarify misinformation we see on social media: The VOM Democratic Committee is composed of 30 elected and independent-minded Village Democrats who authorize committee action by majority vote. The committee is a SEPARATE entity from any elected official or candidate. As always, individual committee members are encouraged to and may elect to volunteer on campaigns and should contact those campaigns directly to do so. The Committee expects to provide positive, informative posts during the election season.


As we look ahead.

On Tuesday, Democratic Primary voters selected Leilani Yizar-Reid, Manny Rawlings and Lou Young to run for Trustees on the Democratic line in November against a full Republican slate. We congratulate all the candidates for stepping up and participating in a hard fought race and look forward to the future.


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