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About the Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Committee

The Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Committee (“Village Committee””) is a sub-committee of the Westchester County Democratic Committee.   We have 30 District Leaders - two from each of the election districts in the Towns of Mamaroneck (9 districts) and Rye (6 districts) that lie within the Village of Mamaroneck.  The Town of Mamaroneck and Town of Rye also have their own separate Democratic Committees which includes Village Committee District Leaders depending on the location of their district.  Each term is for two years starting in September of even years of the election cycle.  District Leaders are required to collect signatures from their election district to qualify for each term.  If more than two candidate petitions are collected for an election district, a primary election will determine who will serve as District Leaders. Vacancies are filled by the Town Committees.  District Leaders are unpaid positions.

The Village Committee is authorized to endorse candidates for office, voter propositions or other important issues of concern.  Individual district leaders can help support any candidates (Village, Town, County, State and National) by collecting signatures from registered Democrats on designating petitions  -- New York requires this for any candidate to be listed on the ballot  The Village Committee does not finance or contribute to candidates unless specifically authorized by a committee vote to do so.  When requested by candidates, the Village Committee shares information received directly from the candidates.  The Village Committee is independent of any particular campaign or candidates which must meet their own campaign finance filing rules and create their own campaign strategies.

Elected officials, if they submit petitions,  may serve as District Leaders  -- including currently Mayor Tom Murphy and Trustees Nora Lucas, Manny Rawlings and  Lou Young. George Latimer, Catherine Parker, Steve Otis, and Shelley Mayer are also District Leaders for their respective election districts. 

The Executive Committee works in accordance with the mandate established by a majority of the Village Committee.  Gretta Heaney is the current chair of the Village Committee and may be contacted at https://www.mamaroneckdems.org/contact

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