Here is why experiance really matters!

Here’s why Experience Matters, watch Litman, Spatz and Natchez at the league of Women Voter’s Forum.

On June 15, the Larchmont-Mamaroneck League of Women Voters hosted a debate for the six candidates vying for three spots on the Democratic ticket for Village of Mamaroneck Trustee. Key questions focused on flooding and capital expenditure issues as well as asking candidates to identify their priorities.  Candidates also spoke about community inclusion and quality of life issues. 

Democratic endorsed candidates Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz, and Dan Natchez showed why #Because Experience Matters is a fitting slogan for their ticket.  Fiscal responsibility and smart budget management proposed by Richard, Dan, and Andrew were the clear take-aways of the debate.  As a sitting Trustee, Dan provided specifics about how to efficiently and transparently allocate tax dollars on capital projects.  Richard’s summary of his decades of high-level governmental experience provided keen insights into the steady hand that he would apply to Village leadership.  And Andrew’s recap of his extensive volunteerism in the community and expertise on Village flood mitigation and quality of life concerns made him stand out.  Answers provided by the three other opposition candidates were largely confined to pre-programmed generalities and tired political criticism.  The opponents’ participation in the debate re-enforced their lack of relevant experience and highlighted their overall lack of understanding of the challenges facing our community.   Their reliance on Tom Murphy was also concerning. 


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