Hey! Mayor Murphy!

You may have received an email from Mayor Murphy about our Democratic primary.  We would like to share with you our questions for him.

Hey Mayor Murphy: 

You wrote that “I need these board members by my side.”   Are you working to get three candidates elected because you think they will never disagree with you?  Are you concerned that voters might elect Trustees who have experience and solutions to problems who would work in the best interests of the entire Village rather than your personal agenda? 

When trustees fully discuss issues in a transparent and collaborative manner, do you view this as “impeding movement” or “opposing progress”?

We agree that flood mitigation is a priority, but why are you supporting three candidates with no significant environmental or governmental experience particularly when we have three Democratic candidates with extensive experience in these areas? 

“Under-handed tactics” and “distortions of truth”?  Really?  Check out the latest fliers from your team and Lou Young’s angry rants on Facebook.  Why have you made this primary ugly and divisive?

When it comes to the Black Lives Matter Mural, why are you criticizing rather than thanking Dan Natchez and the other trustees who knew it was essential to wait two weeks and fix the wording of the resolution?  Why did you vote for the resolution that would have made the Village vulnerable to supporting hate speech?  (And by the way, this saved the Village from potential additional litigation on your watch).  

But most of all, why all the angry and personal attacks? 

Before you vote, Tom, take the time to watch the League of Women Voter’s Forum:   https://lmcmedia.org/2022/05/18/meet-the-candidates-primaries-2022/

and the Meet the Candidates programs:  Link https://lmcmedia.org/2022/05/18/meet-the-candidates-primaries-2022/


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