How to wisely spend your tax dollars.

Property owners are painfully aware that their Village real estate taxes have effectively soared since Trump and the GOP took away the income tax deduction.  How can our real estate taxes be reined in at the local level?  Commitment and hard work by an experienced team. 

One simple solution:   an in-house Village attorney who can manage litigation.  Costly billable hours and avoidable litigation have increased the legal fees we pay with our tax dollars.  Other solutions include competitive bidding and prioritizing our expenditures. 

The Democratic Endorsed Candidates, Richard Litman, Andrew Spatz and Dan Natchez are committed to a comprehensive spending plan that will preserve services and accomplish vital capital projects such as flood mitigation, sewer infrastructure to protect water quality, systematic road re-paving, and maintenance of recreational facilities (such as playgrounds, seawall, docks, and a dog park) to keep and improve our quality of life.    

Please watch both Meet the Candidates Videos at LMC Media and see for yourself which team has the knowledge and experience to lead the Village of Mamaroneck.


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Because Experience Matters

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