Nora Lucas prevented the Village from allowing hate speech on public property.

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Misinformation is being spread about my support for the Black Lives Matter mural in Columbus Park.  Let’s set the record straight:

When the Board of Trustees first discussed a BLM mural I voted against a hasty proposal that would have opened the door to all kinds of hate speech on Village property.  Along with some of my (now former) Trustee colleagues we insisted that the Board take an extra two weeks to develop and adopt a policy to ensure that the mural was government speech and not private speech. 

Because of this very slight delay to get it right, Mamaroneck is now protected from any demands of the Nazi Party, KKK, and other vile hate groups since government speech can be regulated (by policy) but private speech cannot.

Thoughtful policy making is what this Village needs.

Don’t fall for the hypocrisy and lies circulating in this upcoming primary.  My record is clear. 

If you have any questions please reach out to me at [email protected].



Nora Lucas

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