Sharon Torres Endorsed by Village of Mamaroneck Democrats

Sharon Torres Endorsed by Village of Mamaroneck Democrats

Why We Endorsed Sharon Torres for Mayor

Sharon Torres is a Democratic District Leader who shares our core Democratic values of fairness, justice and equality along with the importance of transparency in local governance.  She is smart, hardworking, and respectful.  She is committed to moving Mamaroneck forward.

Sharon has been a Human Resources executive for over 12 years, working her way up over the years and is now the Chief Human Resources Officer for Catholic Guardian Services where she has responsibility for 1,000 employees in over 25 locations.  Her skill set includes strategic planning, negotiating union agreements, and overseeing the Human Resources Department. 

Sharon fully understands the importance of accountability and professionalism. She knows how to collaborate with different voices and perspectives.


Why We Did Not Endorse Tom Murphy (who is also a member of this Committee)

The quick answer is that he did not seek or want our endorsement, but there’s more to it than that.

Over the past six years, we have seen Tom Murphy become increasingly intolerant of views that differ from his own.  Instead of working in a collaborative manner to reach compromise, he chooses to personally attack the character of those community members he disagrees with. 

Having control of a majority of the Board of Trustees, Tom is now working to defeat Nora Lucas (his former running mate) and a Trustee who does her homework, asks important questions, thinks for herself, and demonstrates critical analysis skills on important issues facing this Village including fiscal management and the impact of zoning changes. 

After the hot mic incident in which Tom used profanity to describe a resident who appeared before the Board in a respectful manner, several people considered launching a campaign to challenge him.  That disqualifying incident has galvanized many in the community to see what Tom now sadly has become:  intolerant and mean-spirited.

The Village deserves 5 independent thinkers on our Board of Trustees working in the best interests of the residents. 

--The Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Committee

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