The Village Needs Respectful Leadership!

Our current Mayor has made some startling statements about residents and Trustees.

  • At a public meeting, he complained about one resident Jesus, muzzle that Motherf…r (Board of Trustees Public Meeting – 4/24/23)

  • He called another Village resident a “putz” at a public Board meeting. (Board of Trustees  Public Meeting  - 10/11/22)
  • He told another on social media to “get down off your cross we need the wood” (NextDoor 11/11/22)

  • On social media. Mayor Murphy told a third resident that he  “is a narcissist trained in nothing” who needs help (NextDoor 9/20/21). And in a Village email to the same individual that included the Board of Trustees and two Village employees, Mayor Murphy wrote:“Truly please seek help”.

  • In a video on his YouTube channel, Mayor Murphy autocratically proclaimed that the Village “does not need five trustees,” but instead only one “leader” (Murphy Referenda Video 1 Final 9.26.22, 0:33).

* NYS Open Meetings Law - the public has the right to attend meetings of public bodies, listen to debate and watch the decision-making process.






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